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Short Cinematic Film, All Raw Footage Captured, Live Coverage etc.

  • 24 hr
  • Variable

Service Description

We care deeply about romantic story telling. We believe that your personality is key to creating wedding films that are timeless. Every couple is unique and every film should be a true reflection of your own wedding story. Your film is custom built from the ground up, with thorough hours of post-production work. We work tirelessly until every frame is placed, graded, and mixed; until your wedding day film becomes your lifelong treasure. In our wedding films, we believe in purposeful shots, natural movements, and stunningly lighted scenes. Our creative team takes great pride in staying low-key, non-invasive, and out of the way of you and your guests. Once the day is done, the flowers have wilted, the food has been eaten, & the music fades away, your film - along with your photography - is the only thing from your wedding day that will increase in value as time goes on.

Contact Details

604 857 3195

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